Northern Lapwing
scientific name: 
Vanellus vanellus
EURING code: 

Combination of :
* yellow flag with a black three numeric code (on left tarsus)
​* red ring and metal ring (on right tarsus).

note 1 : used numbers : 000 - 999.

note 2 : 87 chicks and 21 adults have been ringed in 2014.

note 3 : chicks have the flag on the left tarsus, red ring and metal ring on right leg.

note 4 : adults are the opposite legs to the chicks.

note 5 :

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snailmail sighting submit: 
Raymond Duncan,
colour-ring type: 
Flag : combination of coded flag and legring(s).
countries where ringed: 
Right tarsus upper: 
metal ring.