Yellow Wagtail
scientific name: 
Motacilla flava
EURING code: 

Combination of an anodised metal ring and (for adults) a golden or turquoise ring / for nestlings (violet or red).

note 1 : the aim of the study is to monitor the potential impact caused by a pesticide application in the ‘study fields’ on breeding Skylarks and Yellow wagtails.
Adults (by radio tracking) and chicks (by nest controls) will be monitored for any adverse effects potentially caused by the pesticide application. Individuals of both species in fields where no applications will be performed (‘control fields’) serve as a reference.
Individuals of the different categories (adults and nestlings in treated and untreated fields) are planned to be marked with aluminium rings, which are dyed by anodisation.
In order to distinguish between adult birds from treated and untreated (‘control’) fields after the radio tag battery is exhausted and to distinguish between juvenile birds that originate from treated or untreated (‘control’) fields the following colours are planned to be used:

note 2 : adults (Skylarks and Yellow Wagtails) either golden or turquoise
and for nestlings (Skylarks and Yellow Wagtails) either violet or red.

note 3 :

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Benedikt Giessing, tier3 solutions GmbH, Kolberger Strasse 61-63, 51381 Leverkusen, Germany.
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Legring : one, uncoded.
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