Purple Sandpiper
scientific name: 
Calidris maritima
EURING code: 

Combination of five c-rings.

note 1 : details on the ring-combination are : on the right tibia one orange ring ; on the right tarsus one steel ring over one colour-plastic ring ; on the left tarsus two plastic colour-rings.
note 2 : note that always one orange ring is on the right tibia which means that the bird was ringed on Svalbard during the summer.
note 3 : used colours are orange, red, yellow, dark-green, dark-blue, light-blue, black and white.
note 4 : >500 birds have been ringed.

email sighting submit: 
snailmail sighting submit: 
Dr. E.P. Pierce, Norwegian Polar Institute, Polar Environmental Center, N-9005 Tromsø, Norway.
colour-ring type: 
Legrings : combination of uncoded.
countries where ringed: 
Left tarsus upper: 
1 c-ring : N-B-G-L-O-P-R-W-Y
Left tarsus middle: 
1 c-ring : N-B-G-L-O-P-R-W-Y
Right tibia upper: 
1 c-ring : N-B-G-L-O-P-R-W-Y.
Right tarsus upper: 
metal ring.
Right tarsus middle: 
1 c-ring : N-B-G-L-O-P-R-W-Y.