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Under a list of colour-ring suppliers and colour-ring diameters
(see attachments, courtesy INTEREX)
European colour-ring Birding
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INTERREX , INTERREX-RINGS Sp. Z.o.o. , att. Marcin Faber.
Address: Ogrody Romanow 7, 91-174 Lodz, Poland.
e-mail : or
website :
facebook :

note 1 : they are the suppliers of colour rings, neckbands, wingtags, nasal saddles and other marks for birds. Their products are delivered to over 20 european countries, and also to various countries in Asia, Africa, South America and to Australia. They are also bird ringers with many years of experience. Their products are made basing on our experience in many colour ringing projects and rings reading.

note 2 : Do please send your orders as soon as possible to avoid any delay.


TOM-RINGS, att. Tomasz Iciek, ul. Rojna 37/21, 91-134 Lodz, Poland. 
e-mail :
note 1 : TOM-RINGS is founded for manufacturing colour rings, neckcollars, wingtags, nasal saddles and other marks for birds and other animals.


Maquia for Wildlife , att. Alvar Segui, head of the Department of Biodiversity Maquia Company.
e-mail :
note 1 : since 2006 this company manufactures and distributes all high durability wing tags as alphanumeric codes and colours of plastic rings for different bird species in Spain and Portugal. In order to facilitate monitoring of marked birds for our customers they have put in place ”Programa AUS”. This exchange program for free and automatically tagging data, sightings and / or recovery (currently in the database have about 1,360 griffon vultures and other species). Thei wing tags consist of plastic sheets, so that the digits have a minimum storage life of 8-10 years. Currently all tagged vultures in Spain and Portugal have been marked by their customers, so that through our database can automatically obtain the history of all birds.


ECOTONE , Ecological Analyses & Projects, ul. Slowackiego 12, 81-871 Sopot, Poland.
e-mail :
website :
note 1 : Ecotone is an association of professional ornithologists, ecologists and specialists in environmental protection. We put together projects and analyses in the field of environmental protection and management. We produce various kinds of mist nets for catching birds and bats.
We want to help you in preparing and organising fieldwork and research projects. Our knowledge and experience can help us to understand your needs. You will find our products are used in the field from Svalbard to South Africa, from US to Australia.
We would like to thank our clients and representatives for over 15 years of co-operation!


Read Rings from Risto Juvaste , att. Risto Juvaste, Viljakaari 4, FIN-80510 Onttola, Finland.
e-mail :
note 1 : Risto Juvaste has retired university lecturer of Environmental and Plactics Technology. He has been ringing fover 50  years and making and using read (and colour) rings since 1994. Beside his own reseach of gulls he products read and colour rings and neck bands and wingtags to all species. He deliveres also engraved plates for self rolling. He has delivered rings to over 20 European countries, and also to Asia, Africa and USA. Altogether over 200 000 read rings or ring plates.


AC HUGHES, att. Roger Hughes.
A.C.HUGHES LTD., 1 High Street, Hampton Hill, Middlesex TW12 1NA
Phone: 0208 979 1366
website :


Avian ID Ring Factory, Avian ID, Unit 3, Tescan Units, Pool Business Park, Wilson Way,
Redruth, TR15 3RX.
e-mail :
Facebook :


Pro Touch, engraving & signage bird bands.


U.S. Geological Survey , Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, Banding Equipment Suppliers.


Erik Visser, Belgielaan 54, 9501 TD Stadskanaal, The Netherlands.
website :
e-mail : or


Ruth Croger, plain colour overlapped wader leg rings and flags.
e-mail :



att. a: 
att. b: