How to use this website

The in this application stored information about names, addresses etc will not be shared with third parties.
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Used birdnames in this website are based on :

* the standardized list of "Palearctic Birds, a checklist of the birds of Europe, North Africa and Asia" by Mark Beaman. ISBN 0 9523391 0 2.
* step-by-step transformed into those one recognised in :
- Avibase (NL) :
- BirdList :

Translation needed from birdnames ? See

How to use this website ?
The aim of this website is to reach as close as possible the colour-ring project.
but for waders (better) use the IWSG-The Register :

Ringers of their Ringing Center have to mail updates (or after agreement new cr-projects) in order to be added to European colour-ring Birding.

Under you can find two attachments.
* the first with the instructions how to deal with this CMS-website.
* the second with the used colour-ring language.
Take a moment to read this before starting !!