Eurasian Spoonbill
scientific name: 
Platalea leucorodia

Combination of a flag and several c-rings.

note 1 : a coloured flag in combination with a metal ring and four plain coloured rings. The colours used are: red (R), yellow (Y), black (N), dark blue (B), light blue (P), dark green (G) and light green (L). The colours orange, pink and white have NOT been used as plain rings. The colour of the flag reveals something about the country where the spoonbill was ringed. The Netherlands: yellow flag (Yf) or black flag (Nf), Germany: white, lime or green flag, Belgium: blue or black flag, Portugal: light blue flag, Mauritania and Croatia: red flag, Hungary: blue flag.

In 2010 also birds in Uzbekistan and Iran were ringed.

note 2 : if you don't know which scheme the colour-ringed bird belongs, send your observation also to the Working-group for Spoonbills, The Netherlands and they'll take care for sending it to the right person. During breeding season 2004 juvenile birds have been ringed in Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Croatia, Hungary, the Czech-Republic, Romania and Serbia.

note 3 : in many cases red rings lose their colours and they could look pinkish or orangish tinge. Photo could help in the identification, so if you have the chance, take photo on those individuals, please!

note 6: the loss of rings could occur.

note 7 : interview in Ducth : https://www.niozpodcast.nl/episode/episode9-de-lepelaar-als-pleegkind-me...


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colour-ring type: 
Flag : combination of uncoded flag and legring(s).