Greater White-fronted Goose
scientific name: 
Anser albifrons

Black neckring with white 3 alpha-numeric code :
​* letter / number / number.
* letter / numbver/ letter.
​* number / letter / letter.
​* number / letter / number.

note 1 : do please send data with name of the location, coordinates (Greenwich [degree/minutes/seconds] or Amersfoort-coodinates. Also most welcome is social information, mating status, no. of offspings, API, feeding size and flocksize, etc…

note 2 : first letter/number but then smaller letters/numbers 90° rotated.

note 3 : birds were ringed mainly at 10 different sites in The Netherlands by traditional goose catchers (in prov. Utrecht, Friesland, Noord-Brabant and Zeeland) ; some birds were also marked in Germany (250), Slimbridge (25), Czech-Republic (3), Russia (130). The project database includes also marked birds Brandenburg 1990-1992 (yellow) and from Taimyr 1990-1993 (white). 

note 4 : actually only combinations with 3 digits were used (3x letter or 1 big letter and 2 rotated numbers or 1 number and 2 rotated letters). Combinations used from big A to big Z now. There is no clear geographically scheme using the codes. In 2006 five birds with black collars also were fitted with satellite transmitters (ZAA, ZEE, ZCC, ZSH, ZAZ). To compare different recovery rates of lime and black collars in 2005/06 and 2006/07 both colours will be used 1:1 ratio.

note 5 : Geese Research Workgroup like interesting recoveries (Kazachstan, Serbia, Iceland).

note 6 : geese are ringed together with IBN-DLO/Alterra, The Netherlands.

note 7 : on our website you`ll find an updated version of the geese fitted with satellite transmitters, now. The images will be much faster and better now and in the default you’ll have sat-images with names of locations
and (for western Europe) road etc. One of the PTTs is still running and doing an extremly surprising migration. During next winter by the funding of Dutch government / Alterra and Vogelschutz-Komitee e.V. we`ll
be able to start ten more transmitters in The Netherlands and hopefully northern Germany. So, it might be worth to look sometimes on our website!

note 8 : additionally the banding of birds in The Netherlands will be continued and we`ll trying to do the same in Germany. During last breeding season there were marked more than 230 WFG on Taimyr and 19 WFG as well as 3 Beans on Kolguev Island. At the moment Thomas Heinicke is catching Beans and Whitefronts in Brandenburg.

note 9 : early January 2006 two of 14 new satellite transmitters were fitted on Greater White-fronted near Middelburg, (Zeeland, NL). One of them was fitted only with a legring (lime "P") like you know this from the Barnacle geese. The other one got a normal black collar.

note 10 :

email sighting submit: 
colour-ring type: 
colour-ring colour (of the c-ring): 
Black (Niger) [N]
colour-ring code (of the c-ring): 
Three alpha-numeric code (3 letters/numbers).
countries where ringed: 
several EU-countries
Russia and the UK.