Montagu's Harrier
scientific name: 
Circus pygargus

Wingtag with a one alpha or numeric code.

note 1 : code can be also a two alpha / two numeric / two alpha-numeric.

note 2 : the project with the metal rings runs since 1999 (starting with 1 pair and now 170 pairs in Northwest Bavaria, Germany) and since the summer 2001 birds are wing-tagged.

note 3 : wingtags have been used as follows :

2001 and 2002 yellow tag with black inscription (hand written)
2003 and 2006 light-blue tag with black inscription (hand written)
2005 red tag with white inscription (printed)
2006 light green tag with white inscription (printed)
2007 white tag with Bordeaux-red inscription (printed)
2008 dark blue tag with white inscription (printed)
2009 black tag with white inscription (printed)
2010 pink tag with white inscription (printed)
2011 yellow tag(with blue inscription (printed)
2012 light-blue tag with black inscription (printed)
2013 & 2014 light-red tag with yellow inscription (Printed)

note 4 : by mid-July some 1400 birds have been tagged and recoveries are from Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Spain, Czech-Republic, Italy, Switzerland, Algeria, Morocco Senegal and Nigeria.

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colour-ring type: 
Wingtag : coded.
colour-ring code (of the c-ring): 
One alpha code (1 letter).
countries where ringed: