Montagu's Harrier
scientific name: 
Circus pygargus

Coloured wing-tags on each wing with black or white symbols.

note 1 : note 1 : this program aims at measuring both qualitatively and quantitatively Montagu’s harrier dispersal. Birds were banded as chicks over the whole species distribution in France between 2007 and 2010 (as well as in some areas in Germany, Netherlands and Spain) using a patagial wing-tag on each wing.

note 2 : one black or white symbol (or no symbol) per wing-tag, different on each wing.

note 3 : background colours for wing-tags are blue, fuchsia, yellow, orange, lime-green, red and white.

note 4 : three informations are essential: symbol, colours of the symbol and background colour and this for each wing.

note 5 : https://busards.com/index.php/Form/obs/CIRPYG_1

note 6 : between 2007 and 2010 some 5500 birds were marked in France.

note 7 :

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Thierry Printemps, Alexandre Millon
colour-ring type: 
Wingtag : coded.
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