Peregrine Falcon
scientific name: 
Falco peregrinus

Orange ring with a black two alpha-numeric code (letter/number) (on left tarsus) and metal ring (on right tarsus).

note 1 : used codes are A3 till B9, C3 till D9, F3 till H9, J3 till K9, L3 till N9, P3 till R9, S3 till T9, V3 till W9, X3 till Y9 till Z9.

note 2 : some codes use a punctuation between the alpha-numerics.
used codes are : 0.A...0.Z, 1.A...9.Z.  

note 2 : take notice of the puntuation / a dot '.' between the letter and number ... ref. this project : http://www.cr-birding.org/node/3186

note 3 :            

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colour-ring type: 
Legring : one, coded.
colour-ring colour (of the c-ring): 
Orange [O]
colour-ring code (of the c-ring): 
Two alpha-numeric code (2 letters/numbers).
colour-ring position (of the c-ring): 
Tarsus left.
countries where ringed: 
United Kingdom.