Montagu's Harrier
scientific name: 
Circus pygargus

Dark-green ring with white three alpha-numeric code, starting with the letter "P" (on one leg) and metal ring (on the other leg).

note 1 : birds were ringed in Portugal since 2021.

note 2 : used numbers are: 0 - 9 and used letters are : A, C, F, H, J, K, L, N, P, S, T, U, V, X, Y, Z

note 3 : to read the ring, turn your head 90 degree to the left.

note 4 :

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email sighting submit (2): 
colour-ring type: 
Legring : one, coded.
colour-ring colour (of the c-ring): 
Dark Green [G]
colour-ring code (of the c-ring): 
Three alpha-numeric code (3 letters/numbers).
countries where ringed: 
First letter/number (of the c-ring):