scientific name: 
Numenius phaeopus

Combination of :
* 2 c-rings (on left tarsus).
* red flag (on  right or left tibia).
* 2 c-rings (on right tarsus).

note 1 : the purpose of the study is to provide the basis for better conservation of the waders in the West Asian East African flyway by visualising their movement, both locally and along the flyway, thus raising awareness of the need for connectivity and conservation of healthy wetlands sites, both locally in the Tanga landscape and along the whole of the flyway of the species (West Asian East African Flyway).
The specific objectives are as follows:
1. Catch waders, especially the target species mentioned above, for ringing, and marking and scoring biometry, including as an indication of condition
2. Fit transmitters on target species (individuals that meet preset condition parameters)
3. Apply colour ring and flags on all individuals of target species and selected other species
4. Deploy receivers to obtain location information of the birds with transmitters
5. Ensure the collection and secure storage of data from the transmitter birds
6. Build capacity of local participants from Tanzania and Kenya.

email sighting submit: 
Ward Hagemeijer
colour-ring type: 
Flag : combination of uncoded flag and legring(s).
countries where ringed: