Black-headed Gull
scientific name: 
Chroicocephalus ridibundus

White ring with a black two alpha-numeric code (on left tarsus).

note 1 : used codes are letter/number (A1-Z9) and number/letter (1A-9Z)

note 2 : a "-" sign is to be read within the codes.

note 2: old yellow rings are turning white, so beware !! But yellow rings are nearly all fallen off.

note 3: white rings from 2011 onwards.

note 4: all birds ringed during winter in city-parks.

note 5: all rings have to be read from bottom to top.

note 6 : 

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colour-ring type: 
Legring : one, coded.
colour-ring colour (of the c-ring): 
White [W]
colour-ring code (of the c-ring): 
Two alpha-numeric code (2 letters/numbers).
colour-ring position (of the c-ring): 
Tarsus left.
countries where ringed: 
The Netherlands.